Fee Schedule

Effective Date January 1, 2017


Cash Advance $3.00

Late Fee $25.00

Over Limit Fee $25.00

Returned Check $25.00

Replace Card- Lost or Stolen $5.50

Over Night Replacement One Card   - $35.00
Two Cards - $45.00

Replace Damaged Card $5.50

Late Fee $25.00

Real Estate Late Fee $30.00

Share Draft/Checking
Returned Draft- NSF $26.00

ACH Returned- NSF $26.00

Stop Payment $26.00

Draft Reconciliation $12.00 per hour

Photo Copies of Drafts $2.00 each

Collection Items (INCOM) $5.00

Courtesy Pay $26.00

Replace Lost ATM/Debit Card $5.50

Replace Closed ATM/Debit Card $5.50

Replace Damaged ATM/Debit Card $5.50

Overnight Replacement $54.50*

Both Card & PIN Replace $104.00*

ATM/Debit Card Overdraft $26.00

Foreign Transaction on ATM $2.00

Other Fees
Money Orders/Cashiers Checks/Corporate Drafts $1.00 each

Wires Domestic only - $20.00
Incoming Wire fee $10.00

Account Research $12.00 per hour

Stop Payment - Money Orders $26.00

Stop Payment - Cashiers Checks $26.00

Microfiche Copy $2.00 each

Non-member Check Cashing $8.00

Returned Deposit Checks $10.00

Print-out Of Statement $2.00

Early Closure Fee- Account Closed Within 30 Days $20.00

Reinstatement Fee n/a

Reinstatement Fee AfterEarly Closure n/a

Reinstatement Fee After 2 Closures n/a

Statement Handling (hold) n/a

Return Mail Fee $6.00 per month

Safety Deposit Fees 3X5 - $15.00
3X10 - $25.00
5X10 - $30.00
10X10 - $45.00

Enforce Reg E - After 6 Withdrawals $26.00

Excessive Withdrawals - After 6 From Share Account $26.00

Coin Services Free for members only

Foreign Check Processing n/a

GAP Ask credit union for details

Pre-Load Debit Card $6.00 intial fee - $2.00 reload fee

*You may be assessed the actual cost the credit union is charged.

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