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Q.  What is changing about the internet banking?
A.  Mobicint is the new internet banking interface that will be more user friendly and provide more functionality to online users.  In fact, members will gain additional services such as Remote Deposit Capture, Remote Control Cards and Person to Person Transfers.

Q.  When is the changes going into effect?
A.  The new change is taking place during the second quarter of 2018.

Q.  Will I have to download a new app?
A.  No you will not have to download a new app for your smart phone.  The new features should be in place before the end of the year.

Q.  Will I have to get a new username and password?
A.  No.  You may keep your existing username and password.

Q.  What is Remote Deposit Capture?
A.  Remote Deposit Capture is a feature that allows an individual to take a picture of the check that they wish to deposit and send that to the credit union. 

Q.  What is Remote Control Cards?
A.  Remote control cards is the ability for a cardholder to block and unblock their debit and/or credit from their mobile device or online banking platform.

Q.  What is Person to Person Transfers?
A.  Person to Person Transfers allows an individual to transfer money to his/her own account at another institution or transfer money to another individual.

Q.  What is the daily limit for Remote Deposit Capture?
A.  The daily limit is set at $1000.00

Q.  Is there a waiting period to use Remote Deposit Capture or Person to Person Transfers?
A.  New members have to wait 30 days until they receive access to these special services.

Q.  Where can I learn more about Mobicint?
A.  You can view the tutorial at

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