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Question and Answer about Remote Deposit Capture


Q.  What is remote deposit capture?

A.  Remote deposit capture is a means of depositing your check with the help of your smartphone digitally for deposit at Rails West FCU. 

Q.  How can I access the remote deposit capture feature?

A.  You can find it through your Rails West FCU mobile app on your smartphone.

Q.  How does remote deposit capture work?

A.  When you logon to your online banking through the Rails West mobile app, you can click on “deposit” and it should allow to take a picture of your check and send it electronically to Rails West FCU.

Q.  What if I don’t see the deposit link?

A.  Accounts in good standing with the credit union are eligible for the service.  If you don’t see it, simply call 208-232-5746 and we would be happy to review your account to see if you qualify.

Q.  How soon will my check be deposited?

A.  The check will be deposited that same business day, provided you followed all the instructions in the terms and agreements as well as the procedures for taking a picture accurately.

Q.  Will my check be subject to a hold?

A. Yes, your check will be held for up to 5 business days according to the terms and agreements of RDC 

Q.  If I need my check available sooner, what are my options?

A.  The best option would be to deposit the check in person at one of the branches since it affords the credit union the best opportunity to determine whether the check needs to be placed on hold.

Q.  What if I deposit the check through the help of my cellphone, but need the money right away?

A.  The credit union may not release the hold.

Q.  How much can I deposit at one time?

A.  The max amount via remote deposit capture is $1000

Q.  How many checks can I deposit per day?

A.  2 per day

Q.  Why is the limit so small?

A.  Remote deposit capture isn’t intended to be a substitute for larger deposits, but rather a convenience for those smaller ones.

Q.  Will I get notified if my check image isn’t correct?

A.  You will get notified by the credit union via email.  The email will come from remotedeposit@railswestcu.net and will explain why your check was rejected.

Q.  If my check is returned, can I retry the deposit through my cell phone?

A.  In most instances, the answer is yes.  However, if we still have problems with the check, we may request that you make a physical deposit with the check.

Q.  Do I have to keep the original check after I take a picture of it and send it to Rails West FCU?

A.  Yes, according to the terms and agreement that you agreed to, the agreement states that you must keep the original check for at least 60 days and that the back of the check must be properly endorsed.

Q.  Where can I get a copy of the terms and agreement of Rails West FCU’s remote deposit capture?

A.  On our website

Q.  Is there anything in particular about the picture of the check that I should keep in mind?

A.  Yes, you need to remember to always place the check on a dark background before you take a picture of it to send to Rails West FCU.

Q.  Does Remote Deposit Capture cost anything to use it?

A.  No.

Q.What happens if I make a deposit through Remote Deposit Capture on a day when the credit union isnít open?

A.  Rails West FCU will review the check deposit on the next available business day.

Remote Deposit Terms and Agreements

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