Protecting Your Plastic Don'ts
  • Carry cards that you use infrequently. Keep them in a safe place
  • Give card numbers to "telephone survey" people claiming to work for card companies, or to unknown callers
  • Leave your cards anywhere in your automobile, even if it is locked
  • Leave your cards unsecured or unattended anywhere, even at work or in a hotel/motel room
  • Treat your cards casually. They are worth money, so make sure they are returned promptly by clerks
  • Be fooled by "Good Samaritan" callers who say they have found your cards and promise to mail them to your right away. This gives thieves time to run up charges. CALL THE ISSUER IMMEDIATELY!
  • Ever lend your cards to anyone
  • Allow your cards out of your sight when paying for products or services, if possible
  • Keep your PIN in your wallet or purse
  • Write your PIN on your card
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Protecting Your Plastic
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